August 9th - 15th, 2021

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Create your UNBROKEN business in 7 days with FREE daily instruction from entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, coach, and best-selling author, Michael Anthony.

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Immediate access to Michael's private Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs and business owners! Join the power and knowledge of a like-minded community as you build and grow!

Step-by-Step Coaching

All the Strategies & Resources You Need To Build And Scale an Unbroken Business! If you are at day one or hitting roadblocks in your business this 7-day challenge was built for you!

Practical Gameplans

The Unbroken Challenge is a guided 7-day program that gives you a clear process with daily live lessons, worksheets, and plans so you can implement them immediately!

Get The Tools You Need To Build and Scale A Successful Business with a NO BULLSHIT approach!

Here's what you get:

I am going to give you everything that I know about launching, operating, and scaling a business with no gimmicks, tricks, or illusions.


Get crystal-clear on your brand messaging, story, values, and vision


Learn how to stand out in the marketplace to attract the RIGHT customer


Create a simple 1-year plan to take your business to the next-level


Build a team and support network to help you grow and scale your mission


Develop the SOPS and identify the KPIs you need to be successful


Identify products, services, and offers to build 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revenue streams


This is a live daily workshop. Not prerecorded.


Deep dive into rapid-fire hot-seat style Q&A with Michael to dive further into your business





Meet your new business coach!

Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.

At 8 I was selling popcorn and candy door to door as a Boy Scout

At 10 I was stealing candy from the corner store and selling it to other kids. 100% Margins! - I joke but this meant survival for me.

At 12 I was selling drugs because I thought that was what you were supposed to do. - This is where I come from.

At 16 I had my first real job being a cashier at Hollywood Video. - They didn’t adjust so now they are dead.

At 19 I was an Assistant Manager of the #1 Revenue Grossing Wendy’s in Indianapolis. I was leading a team of 52 employees and we were doing almost 10k a day in $1 cheeseburgers and frostys. I learned more in that 2 years than most people learn in life about being a leader.

At 21 I landed a SIX-FIGURE Sales job with a Fortune 10 company - with no college degree and a high school diploma that was literally handed to me (I had like a 1.21 GPA). For the next 5 years, I made that company almost $25 Million Dollars in revenue ON THE PHONE!

At 25 I had a 6-figure photography business and a 6-figure e-commerce business at the same time.

At 29 - Total breakdown. Decided to do some serious recalibration and go on a healing journey that both saved and changed my life.

At 32 I launched Think Unbroken. The next year I did 6 figures in my first year as a coach.

At 34 I became the VP of International Sales and Marketing, a Board Director, and Shareholder in a 17-year-old manufacturing and retail company that is on pace to do 8 Figures in the next two years.

The one thing that I know about business is that it’s all the same, we just think it’s different and I want to help you understand how to make money to take care of your people.

Real People. Real Results.

Amanda created immediate changes that impacted her business and team!

Mike was able to increase his revenue by $7,500 in two days!!!

Joe signed 5 NEW clients in his first month!

"If you are wondering if your time and money is worth investing, I want you to know that Michael adds extreme value to your life!"

"I ran into the same exact issue that Michael warned me I would in my business and I changed"

"I wouldn't have had the guts to make that post if I hadn't worked through what promotion will do for me"

Join us August 9th-15th, 2021!

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